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Tokyo30k Tokyo30k Tokyo30k

  • Date Date Date January 30, 2016 January 30, 2016 January 30, 2016
    Location Location Location Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo
    Web Site Web Site Web Site
    Athletic event Athletic event Athletic event 30K 30K 30K
    Number of participants Number of participants Number of participants 3,468 3,468 3,468
    Participation fee etc. Participation fee etc. Participation fee etc. 6,500 JPY 6,500 JPY 6,500 JPY

    If you do marathons then you know that getting in your 30 km runs is one of the most important parts of your training.  You probably also know that they can be one of the hardest, and loneliest, parts of getting to the marathon start line ready to go.  What if you could do your 30 km runs in a fun and supportive environment together with others targeting the same marathon and finish time you are, with expert pace group leaders and an accurately measured and marked route closed to traffic, on-the-course and pre- and post-race nutrition and drink support, bib numbers and more, all catering to get you ready physically and mentally to run your best?

    The Tokyo 30 km was started to meet this need amid the rapid amateur running boom in Japan following the launch of the Tokyo Marathon in 2007.  Run along the popular Arakawa River running course through green space along Tokyo’s northern side, the Tokyo 30 km sets up the atmosphere of a race while uniquely maintaining its purpose as a marathon preparation event designed to help participants build their legs while getting a feel for the pace they hope to run, with experienced pace group leaders guiding them at sub-3 hour marathon pace and at 30 second/km pace intervals from 4:30/km all the way to 7:00/km.  An immediate success on Tokyo’s thriving amateur running scene, the event has grown to a nationwide series featuring editions in Sapporo, Osaka and Naha as well as both fall and winter editions where it started in Tokyo, all ideally timed to help each city’s runners get in their most important training run a month out from their major local marathons.

    Along with expert pacing and a wide range of running nutrition products to try out before and after the run, the Tokyo 30 km offers participants even more services to help them get the most out of their experience.  Pre-event running clinics and practice sessions are planned to support runners’ preparations for the big day, giving them tips on how to make sure they can finish the full distance.  Participants also have the option to customize their bib numbers with personalized photos to create a truly one-of-a-kind design and to take advantage of the RunPhoto 2.0 service that uploads photos of them to their Facebook pages as they run so that friends and family members can share in the experience in real-time.  Altogether it adds up to a perfect day spent covering the perfect distance to get you ready to run your best in whatever marathon you’ve set your sights and hopes on.


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