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Itabashi City Marathon Itabashi City Marathon Itabashi City Marathon

  • Date Date Date March 20, 2016 March 20, 2016 March 20, 2016
    Location Location Location Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo
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    Athletic event Athletic event Athletic event Full marathon etc. Full marathon etc. Full marathon etc.
    Number of participants Number of participants Number of participants 15,681 persons 15,681 persons 15,681 persons

    Before the Tokyo Marathon brought the big-city marathon format to Japan’s streets, the Tokyo Arakawa Shimin Marathon was Japan’s second-largest marathon and ranked in the top 15 in the world with more than 13,000 finishers.  Renamed in 2011, the Itabashi City Marathon keeps up everything that made Arakawa such a hit both with Tokyo residents and with those from coming from elsewhere to take it on.

    The Itabashi City Marathon is a JAAF-certified out-and-back course along the popular Arakawa River cycling course along Tokyo’s northern border with Saitama prefecture, perfectly symmetrical and almost perfectly flat with two small climbs up the river embankment on the way out and the same on the way back.  With trees, fields and greenery virtually the entire way it’s easy to forget you’re right in one of the world’s biggest cities.  On windless days it is one of the easiest courses you could ever hope to run.  In years when there is wind it typically blows from the west, so be sure to take it easy with the tailwind in the first half and save a little extra something to cope with the headwind on the way back.

    For those at the front end of the race there is a chance to get into the 2017 Tokyo Marathon’s Run as One sub-elite program.  For those further back in the field is just about the most generous cut-off time you will find in Japan, a seven-hour limit thanks to its riverbank course away from busy city streets.  Between that kind of time limit and its flat course the Itabashi City Marathon boasts a 97% finisher rate!

    Before the race you will conveniently get your bib number card and timing chip in the mail, eliminating the need for a trip somewhere to pick them up pre-race.  Along the course you’ll find 15 fully-stocked aid stations and enthusiastic crowd support.  The finish area is packed with cheering supporters, many of whom take part in the 5 km or kids’ run while their friends and loved ones are running the full.  The Runnet’s Runners Update and Ouen Navi services also let supporters track runners in real time throughout the race using their phone or PC. 


    After your race be sure to enjoy the sherbet available to all runners in the finish area.  Once back home download your finisher’s certificate complete with finish photos, and look forward to receiving your splits in the mail on an official finisher’s certificate.  All with a reasonable entry fee that makes the Itabashi City Marathon an outstanding choice for your spring marathon.


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