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Kakegawa Shincha Marathon Kakegawa Shincha Marathon 掛川新茶馬拉松

  • Date Date Date April 10, 2016 April 10, 2016 2016年4月10日
    Location Location Location Shizuoka Shizuoka 靜岡
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    Athletic event Athletic event Athletic event Full marathon etc. Full marathon etc. 全程馬拉松,10公里, 5公里,家庭(3.5公里),3.5公里

    Since the start of the Tokyo Marathon in 2007 new marathons have sprung up across the country at an ever-increasing pace.  With 2016 marking its 11thrunning Shizuoka’s Kakegawa Shincha Marathon was ahead of the curve, its popularity and staying power a sign of its quality and setting it apart from other races that just follow popular trends.

    Shizuoka is famous as Japan’s leading producer of the tea from which the race draws its shincha name, and the course is a celebration of both the area’s tea fields and its rugged nature.  Stretch out pre-race on the race venue’s beautiful lawns before heading to the start.  As you run among tea plantations in the first 10 km there’s more down than up, although plenty of both, and you’ll have the chance to enjoy locally produced fruit at special aid stations.  You’ll also enjoy the flat seaside strip between 10 and 25 km, with spectacular views of famous Shiosai Bridge and more fruit stations supplementing the regular drink stations. 

    There’s no getting around the hills that take you from sea level back up to the starting area after 25 km, but take strength from the bowls of hot soup in the local style available just after 30 km to get you home safely, and enjoy more fruit as you head back into tea plantation territory.  Post-race relax back on the grass as you enjoy a cup of local tea and food from any of the many on-site vendors.  If you are one of the lucky first 1000 entrants to receive a discount ticket for the famous Shinrin no Yu hot springs head there for even more post-race relaxation and recovery in luxurious surroundings.

    If the full marathon is too much there is a range of other distances to enjoy, from a 1 km fun run to a 3.5 km family run to a 10 km road race.  Most distances come with special participants goods to commemorate your run, but only marathoners will get the special treat of local tea to take home.  Don’t miss out!

    As a sign of the Kakegawa Shincha Marathon’s status as a young race, everything about it is geared to maximize your convenience.  Your number card and timing chips will be mailed to you pre-race, eliminating the need for troublesome pickup before the race.  The start and finish are just a short distance from Kakegawa Station, a stop on the major shinkansen route between Tokyo and Nagoya located just 15 minutes from Shizuoka Station.  For those who want an extra hand with navigating the local area there is an official tour to help with race entry, accommodations and transportation.  Post-race you can pick up your finisher’s certificate before leaving the area, and your race photos will be available just a few days later with Runnet’s Run Photo service.


    Before you head home be sure to explore the local area, whether the renowned tea plantations, the famous wooden-construction buildings near the station, or Kakegawa Castle and the surrounding old town area.  With just 5000 participants in its full marathon division, altogether the Kakegawa Shincha Marathon represents one of the best alternatives to the hassle and crowds of the bigger marathons.  Come join us this spring!



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