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Nihon Taishou-mura CROSS COUNTRY Nihon Taishou-mura CROSS COUNTRY Nihon Taishou-mura CROSS COUNTRY

  • Date Date Date May 20, 2016 May 20, 2016 May 20, 2016
    Location Location Location Gifu Gifu Gifu
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    If you grew up and ran in school in the United States, Canada, many places in Europe or elsewhere, then running cross-country is no doubt a fond memory.  The wide, grassy starts, the crisp air, the thrill of racing in a tight pack, hills, mud and varying terrain and pace.  Cross-country has never been a major part of Japanese running, geography limiting most races to the roads or trails, but in places where it is possible cross-country races do thrive, all the more so in the current Japanese amateur running boom.  For more than thirty years the Nihon Taishou-mura Cross-Country Meet has been one of the best of those races.

    Set in beautiful Akechi-cho near the city of Ena in the mountains of Gifu, the Nihon Taishou-mura XC blurs the lines of traditional cross-country, featuring not only grassy expanses but also some trail and road segments, all surrounded by nature in all its glory.  The meet’s three main distances offer options to runners of all abilities.  The longest, 10 miles, will challenge even the most experienced cross-country runner, its highest point almost 200 m above the start and its two main peaks totaling nearly 400 m total climb.  The 6 mile course, closer to what most people with university cross-country experience will remember, is challenging in its own right, with its main peak capping out at over 130 m above the start and over 200 m total climb along the way.  The gentler 2 mile course avoids the hilliest areas, with only around 40 m of climb to deal with.

    On their way to the finish line all three courses pass through the area’s main attraction, the historic Nihon Taishou-mura village area.  Run through picturesque streets lined with original examples of Taishou-era architecture and experience all the romantic ambience and atmosphere of one of the golden periods of Japan’s history.

    With a start and finish conveniently located near Akechi Station the Nihon Taishou-mura Cross-Country Meet is easily accessible by train, just over an hour from Nagoya Station.  Plenty of parking means access by car is also easy.  It’s certainly doable as a day trip from many central Japanese cities, but the jog/walk division and all the area’s attractions make it a perfect weekend getaway for the whole family, whether to run, walk, enjoy scenic nature, experience a unique period of Japanese history, or all of the above!  The local tourism bureau is standing by to help whatever your plans, whether you’re a Gifu local or coming from across the country.


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