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Nihondaira Sakura Marathon Nihondaira Sakura Marathon Nihondaira Sakura Marathon

  • Date Date Date April 3, 2016 April 3, 2016 2016年4月10日
    Location Location Location Shizuoka Shizuoka 靜岡
    Web Site Web Site Web Site http://nihondaira-sakura-marathon.jp/ http://nihondaira-sakura-marathon.jp/ http://nihondaira-sakura-marathon.jp/
    Athletic event Athletic event Athletic event 23.5K,10K etc. 23.5K,10K etc. 23.5公里,10公里

    Standardization is nice, courses cultivated to be as flat, fast and easy as possible, exactly the same distance every time no matter where you are, everything optimized to help you compare your times week in and week out in search of an elusive PB.  But isn’t it nice to break out of that once in a while?  To run a race that throws away convention in favor of showing the best of the local area, in favor of giving you an experience you will always remember? 

    Shizuoka’s Nihondaira Sakura has this covered, a local institution for over 30 years with a unique 23.5 km course peaking 250 m above the start and finish point that gives you all the best there is to see in the local area without trying to compromise by squeezing itself into the constraints of the half marathon distance.  With an April date that means you are all but sure to be running amid the sakuracherry blossoms from which the race takes its name.  You’ll also get a spectacular view of Mt. Fuji to the north, the white of its lingering snowcap contrasting with the delicate pink of the cherry blossoms to create a truly unforgettable backdrop to your run.

    At the Nihondaira Sakura Marathon there is plenty of support for you on the run, before, during and after.  Get complimentary taping before you start, pick up inspiration from top university runners from Japan’s famous Hakone Ekiden road relay at the front of the pack, fall in with one of the designated pace-setters to help keep your target pace, and get free acupuncture post-race to help with your recovery.


    This year the Nihondaira Sakura Marathon offers 23.5 km and 10 km runners the chance to have their bib numbers personalized with a five-digit nickname for a nominal extra fee.  Be sure to take advantage of this special offer when you sign up!  There will be a special drawing for lucky prize winners post-race, so don’t forget to stick around once you are done.  There will also be an 8 km walk specially organized to let you cheer on runners along the course, with special commemorative goods for official walk participants.  Even if you can’t run you can still take part in the fun!  If you are running, you can look forward to setting a new 23.5 km PB on the Nihondaira Sakura Marathon’s one-of-a-kind course while enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery in Japan.


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