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Membership Terms of Service Membership Terms of Service Membership Terms of Service

Article 1  Membership
1. A member shall be the individual who has agreed to the Terms of Membership Registration (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) and completed the membership registration procedures designated by the Company and has been approved as a “member” by the Company.

Article 2  Application for Membership Registration and Approval
1. Those who wish for membership registration (hereinafter referred to as the “persons who wish for membership registration”) shall apply for membership registration in accordance with the following procedures and other procedures set down by the Company:
(1) Having understood the contents of the Terms and agreed to be bound by the contents thereof, an applicant shall make an application for membership registration according to the registration method separately designated by the Company;
(2) It is necessary for an applicant to accurately notify the Company of the name, age, address, phone number, email address, etc. and any other necessary items designated as the requirements for membership registration on the membership registration screen by the Company.
2. After accepting an application for membership registration and processing/approving the application, the Company shall indicate its decision that it has approved the membership registration by granting the applicant the use of a user ID and setting a password.
3. In receiving applications for membership registration, when an application is deemed by the Company to fall under the following items, the Company shall not approve such application for registration and even after registration has been completed, the Company shall be entitled to cancel the approval thereof.
(1) In the event that no applicant for membership registration exists or that a false application, incorrect description, or an omission in entry has been detected;
(2) In the event that a violation, etc. of the Terms at the time of application for membership registration have been detected and that the applicant has been found to be subject to a punishment of suspension even now and to have received a punishment of disqualification for utilization in the past due to his/her violation, etc.;
(3) In the event that an application is deemed by the Company to be ill-intentioned;
(4) In the event that an application is deemed by the Company to be unfair under law;
(5) In addition, in the event that an application is deemed by the Company to be inappropriate.

Article 3  Obligation to Manage the Membership Information
1. An act of providing/assigning, selling, lending, etc. of an ID and a password granted by the Company to a third party shall be prohibited. In addition, for all the damage arising out of insufficient management or erroneous usage by the member himself/herself or illegal use by a third party, the member himself/herself shall assume responsibility.
In this connection, when the Company has incurred damage for the above-mentioned reason, the member shall assume full responsibility thereof and indemnify and compensate the Company for all the damage and losses incurred.
In addition, when the user ID or password of a member has been stolen or has been or threatens to be illegally used, such member shall be required to immediately notify the Company to that effect so as to change the registered contents of the user ID or password and take measures to suspend the use thereof.
2. An inquiry about a user ID or password, when made by email, shall not be answered. Please make an inquiry by using the “Inquiry Form.”

Article 4  Responsibilities of Members
Members shall comply with not only the matters separately provided for in the Terms but also the following matters:
1. Members shall not use the services of the Website provided by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”) for an unfair purpose;
2. Members shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Use provided for in each service in using the Services;
3. Members shall not commit an act that infringes or threatens to infringe upon the copyright, trademark right or any other right of the Company or a third party which is related to the information contained in the Services provided by the Company;
4. When transmitting the information to the Company in using the Services, members shall comply with the procedures and security measures set down by the Company. In the event of default of such compliance, the Company shall not assume any responsibility for the results thereof;
5. Members may not assign the membership right to a third party or cause a third party to use such right or use the right for sales transactions, transfer of the title, establishment of the right of pledge or putting up otherwise as security;
6. Members shall not commit an act of seeking personal profits without the permission of the Company;
7. In using the Services, members may not commit any of the following acts or an act threatening to have such a risk:
(1) An act against public order and morals or laws or regulations;
(2) An act of slandering other members or a third party;
(3) Election campaign or any act similar thereto;
(4) An act of interfering with the operation of the Services irrespective of the means used;
(5) An act of using the Services by the illegal use of a credit card;
(6) An act of illegally using a user ID or email address and password;
(7) Other acts deemed inappropriate by the Company.
8. In using the Services, members shall agree not to be eligible to use a part of the services provided at

Article 5  Handling of Membership Information
1. The matters of which a member notifies the Company when applying for membership registration and the matters relating to the use of the Services by the member shall be registered in the database of the Company. The information thus registered in the database (hereinafter referred to as the “registration information”) shall be owned by the Company and the members acknowledge that the Company is entitled to use such information. Such use shall cover the delivery or the provision by other methods, of a notice of an event held by the Company or a third party, direct mail, direct email, advertising printed matter and other advertisement and information that are addressed from the Company or a third party to the members.
2. Based on the “Personal Information Protection Policy” which is provided for separately, the Company shall implement strict management and protection of the membership information. In addition, out of registration information, the Company shall not disclose the personally identifiable information to any third party.
However, this shall not apply to the following cases:
(1) Case where a consent to the information disclosure has been obtained from the relevant member;
(2) Case based on laws or regulations;
(3) Case where the information disclosure is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the relevant member;
(4) Case where it is necessary to provide cooperation for a government organization, municipal entity or a person entrusted thereby to carry out the operations stipulated by law and there is a risk that to obtain the consent of the member may interfere with the execution of the relevant operations;
In addition, there is a case where personal information may be disclosed for business execution purposes to the parties concerned with the Service (the principal event-operating organization, a company entrusted with distribution, and others) in connection with the provision of the Service, in which case the relevant member shall agree in advance to such disclosure of personal information for business execution purposes.
To ensure safety management of personal information, the Company prohibits said parties concerned from using personal information for purposes other than the relevant business purposes and makes such parties concerned obligated to dispose of the relevant personal information in an appropriate manner or return such information to the Company when the relevant operations have been completed.
3. To enhance advertising effects and analyze trends in terms of the Services and the Website, the Company may provide and disclose the statistical data that does not allow personal information to be identified to a third party without obtaining the prior approval of the user.
4. To provide the Services, the Company uses cookies for the efficient use of the Services. In addition, the members acknowledge that that they can reject cookies by changing their browser settings.
5. When having determined that a member falls under either of the following cases, the Company may suspend the use of or delete the registration information without giving notice to such member. As a result of such suspension or deletion, the service incidental to the registration information, the data uploaded by the member and so forth shall be deleted or made unusable.
(1) Case where the user has violated the Comprehensive Terms of Use, the Terms or the Terms of Use of each service;
(2) Case where the user has not logged in to or used the Website for not less than one year.

Article 6  Obligation to Give Notice of a Change in or Modification of the Registered Contents
In the case of a change in the previously registered contents, the relevant member shall be required to notify the Company of the contents of the change in a prescribed form without delay.
The Company shall not assume any responsibility for a non-delivery or a delay in delivery of a notice, etc. in the providing service that has occurred due to the default of such notification.
In addition, when the Company can assume that the registration information of a member has an obvious deficiency, which is an obstacle for the Company to deliver various sending objects, or when the registration has been performed having inaccurate contents due to omissions and/or errors, etc., the Company may modify the registration information of the member based on the results of the investigation into published information through the Internet, etc.


Article 7  Suspension of the Use of or Deletion of Registration Information
When wishing for the suspension of the use of or deletion of his/her registration information, the relevant member shall be required to follow the procedures prescribed by the Company.

Article 8  Notification Method of the Company to its Members
1. Unless otherwise provided in the Terms, the notice by the Company to its members shall be given by sending an email to the addresses previously notified of by the members to the Company pursuant to Article 2, posting such notice on a routine basis on the Website, displaying it on the screen after being logged in to the Website or by any other method deemed appropriate by the Company.
2. In the event the notice of the preceding paragraph is given by email, the Company shall deem the notice to take effect when such email has been sent out to the server used by the members.
Members shall have an obligation to read without delay the emails relating to the use of the Services transmitted by the Company.
3. In the event the notice of Paragraph 1 is given by being posted on the Website or displayed on the screen after being logged in, the Company shall deem the notice to take effect on the members when such notice has been posted on the Website or displayed on the login screen and it has become possible for the members to read such notice just by accessing the Website or the login screen.

Article 9  Notification Method of a Member to the Company
1. The notice of a member to the Company shall be given by using the Inquiry Form designated by the Company or by any other method deemed appropriate by the Company (such as a dedicated document).
2. In the event the notice of the preceding paragraph is given by email, the Company shall deem the notice to take effect when the email from the member has reached the server of the Company.
3. With regard to the inquiries from the members, the Company shall endeavor to give responses by email within a few days (excluding nonbusiness days). In addition, when an inquiry is deemed inappropriate by the Company, such inquiry may not be responded.

Article 10  Revision of the Terms
1. The Company shall be entitled to revise the Terms at its own discretion for any reason whatsoever at any time.
2. Unless otherwise specified by the Company, the Terms of Use after revision shall take effect at the point of time indicated on the Website.
3. When a member uses the Services after the revision of the Terms has taken effect, such member shall be deemed to have agreed to all the written contents of the revised Terms of Use.


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