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Run Photo 2.0 Run Photo 2.0 Run Photo 2.0

Run Photo 2.0 is a free service (for limited races) that allows runners to sync their professional race photos to facebook. The unique bar code printed on the bib will recognize you and create a photo album, so smile at the camera when you see the photographer! Select your preferred privacy setting to choose who you want to share your photos with. For those without a facebook account, login to RUNNETJAPAN and access My Page to download photos. 

How to Use Run Photo 2.0:

1) Look for the Run Photo 2.0 icon on the race website, and register your bib number.

2) Log into Facebook and change your privacy settings to select who can view your race photos.

3) You are ready to race! Wave or smile to one of our photographers and get your photos taken!

4) As soon as you have completed the race, the photos should be up on Facebook.

5) Like and share your memorable photos with your friends and family. 


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