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Web Browser Environment Web Browser Environment Web Browser Environment

RUNNET GLOBAL uses the SSL(Secure Socket Layer) cryptosystem to safely send and receive your personal information.
Your web browser must be compatible with SSL. We recommend the operating environment described below for optimal performance.

A. RUNNET GLOBAL can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet that meets the following:

1. Operating system [Windows Vista] [Mac OS X] or above

2. Browser must be set in valid use for [Cookie] and [JavaScript]
3. SSL compatibility
4. Environment where sending/receiving email can be made

B. Valid Browser or Models for Operation

Installed browsers below must use Cookie, SSL and JavaScript

- PC

- Windows / Macintosh

- Windows Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

- Windows Firefox

- MacOS Firefox

- MacOS Safari
- Google Chrome

Please note that use of OS and browsers other than the operating environments listed above may result in the website not being displayed correctly and some functions may not operate correctly.