Fun on Sapporo Virtual Race ~ The 42nd Sapporo International Ski Marathon 2022

An entry has been closed


  • Please note that the entry will be closed once the maximum capacity has been reached.
    How to time
    (1)Time by GPS application(Any application is available)
    (2)Start up your GPS application, aim to complete the event you choose ※During the period, whenever and wherever you can time the race at your convenience.
    (3)Input your record into the application manually. If you would like, take a screenshot of your record in your GPS application or take participants’ smiling pictures, then upload them on the official website of the Sapporo race. ※You can upload 3 pictures at the maximum.
    (4)We don’t rank participants nor hold an awards ceremony. Checking your record is available on our website.
    ※ We will post the participation prizes after the race.
    ※For Overseas participants: Surface Air Lifted(Note: If your country has some mailing restrictions, the participation prizes may not reach you. Please understand this situation.)