The 12th Fuji Sanroku Trail Run

Date 举办日 舉辦日
September 29 2018
Location 举办地 舉辦地
Yamanashi , Japan
Entry 报名期间 報名期間
April 19 2018 - July 30 2018
Web Site 網站 网站

It is the course of 98% of mountain trails which enables you to run moderately while enjoying the scenery. Participants can also enjoy a live band performance by Rikka Fukuda, a singer and a doctor and also a athlete.The course that overlooks Mount Fuji, Aokigahara-jukai(a sea of trees), and Fuji Five Lakes.

  • Race Information 赛事基本信息 賽事基本信息

    • Date 举办日 舉辦日
      September 29 2018
      Location 举办地 舉辦地
      Yamanashi , Japan
      Organizers 主办 主辦
      Fuji Sanroku Trail Run committee
      Event/Eligibility 项目・参加资格 項目・參加資格
      By gender : Age 16 or older
      Time Limit:2 hours and 30 minutes at 8km point.
      By gender : Age 16 or older
      Participation Fee 参加费 參加費
      18km : 5000 JPY 10km : 4500 JPY
      Check-in Time 参赛物资领取时间 參賽物資領取時間
      18:00~20:00(Sep.28, previous day), 7:00~9:30(Sep.29, race day, until 10:00 for 10 km check-in)
      Check-in Location 参赛物资领取场所 參賽物資領取場所
      Michino Eki Katsuyama Koumi Park
      Check-in Address 参赛物资领取场所地址 參賽物資領取場所地址
      3758-1, Katsuyama, Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
      Start Time 开始时间 開始時間
      10:30(18km) 11:10(10km)
      Start Line 起点 起點
      Haneko mountain
      Finish Line 终点 終點
      Haneko mountain(18km), Saiko-minshukumura ground(10km)
      Participant’s Prize 参与奖 參與獎
      Original goods
      Award Ceremony 表彰项目 頒獎項目
      1st to 3 each category
      Capacity 限额 限額
      18km : 500 people, 10km: 200 people
    • Start Times 开始时间 開始時間

      Please confirm the start time released by the official organizer. 开始时间,请务必确认主办方公布的最新通知。 開始時間,請務必確認主辦單位公佈的最新通知。

      • Event 项目 項目
        Eligibility 参加资格 參加資格
        By gender : Age 16 or older
        Start Time 开始时间 開始時間
      • Event 项目 項目
        Eligibility 参加资格 參加資格
        By gender : Age 16 or older
        Start Time 开始时间 開始時間
    • Access 交通方式 交通方式

      Transportation Facility 公共交通 公共交通
      15 minutes by car from Kawaguchiko Station on Fuji Kyuko line. 15 minutes from Kawaguchiko IC on Chuo Expressway
      Parking Lot Capacity 停车场台数 停車場台數
      Parking Fee 停车费 停車費
      Other 其他 其他
      Shuttle bus will be available from the parking lot of Kawaguchiko Town Hall to the venue.
    • Inquiry 查询 洽詢

      For Inquiries 申请人 申請人
      Fuji Sanroku Trail Run Committee
      E-mail Address 申请人邮箱 申請人郵箱
      Official Race Website 大会主页 大會主頁
Notice 联络事项 聯絡事項
Please note that the entry will be closed once the maximum capacity has been reached.
Race Guide: will be uploaded to your "My Page", which is on the top of each page of RUNNET GLOBAL.The organizer will notify you by email when the race guide is uploaded.
:::Runner Check-in:::
Date & Time:
Sep.28, 18:00 to 20:00
Sep.29, 7:00 to 9:30(10km:7:00 to 10:00)
Location: Michino Eki Katsuyama, Koumi Park
(3758-1,Katsuyama,Fujikawaguchiko-cho,Minamitsuru-gun,Yamanashi Prefecture)