11th Skyline Trail SUGADAIRA

An entry has been closed


  • Please note that the entry will be closed once the maximum capacity has been reached.
    Race Guide will be sent by email ten days before the race day.
    Please note that race kits (including t-shirt) will NOT be shipped.
    You can pick it up upon check-in.

    :::Runner Check-in:::
    [June 9]Sanada Vertical100/10:00-11:30, Others/10:00-17:30
    [June 10]50km/4:30-5:30, 22km/5:30-8:30, 5km;5:30-9:30
    Location: Sugadaira Kogen Kokusai Resort Center
    Address: 1223-1751 Sugadairakogen Ueda City Nagano
    All participants from outside of Nagano are required to stay in designated accommodation before the race day.
    The fee is included in the participation fee.