4th The Joshu Mt. Hotakasan Sky View Trail

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  • Registration via RUNNET JAPAN starts at 10 am(JST) on Saturday, April 1st.
    Please note that the entry will be closed once the maximum capacity has been reached.
    Race guide from the organizer is announced on the official website.
    :::Runner check-in:::
    Previous day
    13:00-17:00: Kawaba-mura gymnasium (120km, 30km)/Hodaigi ski resort(70km)
    On the race day
    4:00-5:30: Hodaigi ski resort(70 km)
    7:00-8:30: Oguna-hotaka ski resort (30 km)

    **For more information, please contact to the race organizer below.
    E-mail: admin@yamadanoboru.com